Names of the actor actress in Assamese serial eke DUI Baro

Assamese serial eke DUI Baro

The story is about a man Akash who finds himself trapped between two wives. One is the spicy, hot and pungent and the other is the fiery. Besides this there are many other unique characters. The combustion and friction between all these elements gives rise to a hilarious comedy.

Eke DUI Baro Assamese serial actor actress name are –

Mihir Jyoti Baruah 

Birina Chakrabarti 

Hira Neug 

Mun Saikia 

Ratul Sharma 

Gigi Prabhat Dutta 

Lonishree Das

Surabhi Das

Ankur Boidya 

Simanta Malakar 

Baikuntha Prince 

Ujjal Bora  

Popi Kakoti 

Himoghno Rajkhua 

Pansita Saikia 

Jinti Dole 

Nibir Pratim 

Priya Megha Sharma

Anima Das.

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