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Generally Tense are three types : 

1. Present tense .
2. Past  Tense .
2.Future Tense .

Each  tense is again divided in four types :

i)  Simple            ii) Continuous         iii)  Perfect         iv) Perfect Continuous
Verbs that refer to present time said to be in present tense.
a) Simple present  : 
To indicate any universal truth or habitual action Simple Present tense is used. Generally This Tense has does not have a “be” verb  but some times am , is are are used .   ‘es’  is add to the main verb  of the third person singular number .
eg –  1.The earth  moves round the sun .
        2. Milk is white .
        3. I always go to school by buss .
        4. He lives near the market.
b) Present continuous:
Present Continuous tense is used for an action going on the time of speaking .
Be verb – am, is ,are and ing is add to the main verb .
eg –   1.We are reading English .
          2. The boys are playing football .
It is also used in an action that has already been to take place in the near future .
eg- We are visiting him at the hospital .
c) Present Perfect :
 Present perfect indicates completed activities in the immediate past .
in this tense ‘have’ verb (have,has) in present from followed by the past participial form of the main verb is used
eg –  1. He has gone out just now .
         2.Mr.sarma has been japan .
d) Present perfect continuous :
The present perfect continuous is used for an action Which began at some time in the past and still continuing .
In the tense ‘has been , have been ‘ is used and ‘ing’ is add  to the main verb .
eg –     1. I have been reading  in this school in science 2000
           2. They have been playing science 4 o’clock .
present tense


In past tense the verb is in past form

a. Simple past  :

To express any event or action completed in the past simple past is used . 
‘was’ and ‘were’ are used as be’ verb of this tense.
 e.g- 1.I bought a new book yesterday

        2. I was born in 1985

b. Past Continuous:

Past continuous tense is used to indicate an action going on at some time in the past.’ was’ and ‘were’ are the be verb of this tense and ‘ing is add with the main verb.

eg- 1.I Was reading a story book yesterday in the evening
      2. The baby was sleeping when we went there.

c. Past Perfect:

If Two actions happened in the past, it is necessary to show which action happened earlier  than the other.
Past perfect tense is used in the action which happened earlier and Past Indefinite is used with the action which happened later. (had’ and past participle form of the verb is used) 
eg-1.The trains had left before we reached the station .
     2. He reached school after the bell had rung .

d. Past Perfect Continuous:

To indicate an action that began at a certain point in the past and continued upto that time. “had been’ and ‘ing’ is used with the main verb.
 e.g- She had been staying in Delhi for ten years.


Future tense refers to future time.

a. Simple Future  :

To indicate any action or event that will happen in the future ‘Simple Future’ tense is used .

‘shall’ and ‘will’ are the auxiliary verb of this tense. 
e.g.-1.I shall go to Kolkata  next week.

      2.He will go tomorrow.

b. Future Continuous :

Future Continuous indicates action which will be in progress at a time in the future.

‘shall be’ and ‘will be’ and ‘ing’ are used with the main verb.

e.g.- We shall be playing cricket tomorrow.

c. Future Perfect :

Future Perfect indicate actions that will be completed by a certain future time.

‘shall have’ and ‘will have’ and past participle form of the main verb are used. 
e.g.- I shall have reached home before it rains.

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