Earth is a part of which galaxy – GK

Earth is a part of which galaxy


 1. Earth is a part of which galaxy? 

Ans: Milky way

2. Which team has won the FIFA world cup maximum number of times?

Ans: Brazil 

3. Which city in Gujarat is called the diamond city?

Ans: Surat

4. To protect the tiger species from extinction, which project was launched by the Indian government?


Ans:Project tiger


5. Which species of shark has a long head and eyes on both ends to help it see all around?


Ans: Hammerhead shark

6. Which is the largest carnivorous marsupial that once threatened by cancer?

Ans: Tasmanian devil

7. Name the author who translated the Ramayana into Persian.


Ans:  Badayuni

8. Which is the slowest mammal in the world?


Ans: Sloth 

9. Name the first person to reach North Pole.

Ans: Robert Peary

10. Who was the first person to go into space?

Ans: Yuri Gagarin

11. Which Indian mathematician gave the concept of zero?

Ans: Aryabhata 

12. Which planet is named after the king of Roman Gods?

Ans: Jupiter 

13. Which is the deepest glacier in the world?

Ans: Taku glacier

14. Which organ in the human body works continuously to purify blood?

Ans: Heart 

15. What is the full form of CRY?

Ans: Child Relief and You.

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