APPRECIATION ||Appreciate oneself


The word appreciation means to ” admire something “. This word has a huge power inside it which can turn negative thoughts into positive. Everyone in this world loves to get appreciation for their tasks. If someone has done something for us saying ” Thank you” is formality but if we say  appreciative words like ” good work”, “keep it up”, etc with “Thank you” than next time the person works with twice energy for us and we get an excellent work done by him or her and we feel good.

        Sometimes we face disappointments in life, we get into the stage where we realize that life is not what we imagined, we get so caught up in that negative situation that we find ourselves not finding our positive aspects of our lives. But when we appreciate what we have and give thanks for whatever happens to us we

get to know the positivity inside it and we  move a step towards success. Therefore, instead of finding faults we must appreciate oneself and others which will help us to build a positive character.

           ✍️by Navasikha Gohain

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